There’s something about love..

When I cried at the first light,

Serenity was found only with a Mother’s hug tight.

When I remained troubled and vexed day and night,

A father stood by me as a valiant knight.


When I was in the middle of a solitary tenure,

My dog showered me with love unconditional and pure.

Of the hatred by men, the dog wasn’t really sure,

The sight of it in the night became my only cure.


At times when I was broke,

My friends pulled me back with a lusty stroke.

The nights never faded when we shared many a joke,

A pleasant smile to the face, memories of which will forever evoke.


Along the seashore, I gazed at her gleaming face,

The strong coupling was acknowledged by the heart’s nimble pace.

At my every breath, I would long for her warm embrace,

The bond was so intense as to cluster bumps on my surface.


Time is too limited, to not love, for every living being,

Love, in all its forms, is a wonderful thing.

Bring people together, laugh, live, celebrate every beginning,

About love, there is something!



Written with Love,

Vijay Sutrave

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