Gonna’ be alright!



Like a feather sitting aimlessly on a chair,

beat down, powerless, in hopeless despair.  

Only with the blowing winds it finds a little affair,

sets itself right, goes places hand in hand with the air.


Like deep waters help sail a heedless boat,

cause turbulence but always keep it afloat.

Hard work certainly paves the way for glory and gloat,

but before the tide, you’re just life in a coat.


Like a flame fights for its desire to burn,

redress itself from the horribly shabby turn.

Everyone gets their share of acceptance and spurn,

you will find your wind, alight to the point of no return.


Like a little lass protectively shielded by her bearer,

being deeply gutted in a place of safety like an anchor.

In the deep matrix of life, when the grids go shallower,

time works timelessly to turn things into your favour.


When the soul yearns a shine on a dark night,

remember you are destined to walk towards the light.

When the heart’s cry nips the soul, hang on tight,

sport a smile, cause everything’s gonna’ be alright!


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