For men are wretched things!

For men are wretched things..

For men are wretched things..
God made another creature with different everything…
Each of us lived on earth as an individual king..
But then arrived the inevitable suffering!

We lived in perfect peace and harmony..
Every single moment sounded like a sweet symphony.
They came in the form of blondes, brunettes and ebony..
To make our life lifeless and full of agony!

They made us eat the forbidden satanic berry..
From that berry we now digest untold misery.
If only god knew it was creation of our liberty’s cemetery..
This certainly isn’t Gods best discovery!

But.. they can do things we cannot and earn our adulation..
Our life wouldn’t be as it is now without their adoration.
They are the epitome of love, life, sacrifice and affection..
Without them we’d be incomplete as they are God’s best incarnation!
For men are wretched things!!!

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