Dreams V/s. Reality


I dreamed of flying so high,

Seemed I’m almost touching the sky.

There appeared a Golden Eagle looking sly,

Crushed my wing, next I know, the soil was nigh.


I dreamed of placing a block on a pile,

Stacking one by one I reached a long mile.

The demon of reality, shook the ground with a wicked smile,

It shattered the dream, tearing apart every single tile.


Across the seven waters, I dreamed of sailing,

The waves were rough but the sound was soothing.

There were chills felt as an iceberg was nearing,

It pierced through the ship, drowned the tripping.


In a horde of plenty, I dreamed of being the best,

Win the crowd with all my zest.

As I moved out of my bounds, I felt a strong wrest,

Out in the crowd, I was put back with the rest.


The lesson called life was learned the hard way,

The greatest are born not by dreams, but by working night and day.

In a world of darkness – life, universe, the reality is the brightest ray,

Do something great before your hair turns grey!


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