Gonna’ be alright!

  Like a feather sitting aimlessly on a chair, beat down, powerless, in hopeless despair.   Only with the blowing winds it finds a little affair, sets itself right, goes places hand in hand with the air.   Like deep waters help sail a heedless boat, cause turbulence but always keep it afloat. Hard work […]

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Take a moment!

  In this hard-pressed, perpetually toiling race, Be kind, gracious, spread a smile on many a face. Divulge the goodness within, meet the needy with solace, Take a moment, feel the solidarity in a warm embrace.   Spread your arms, feel the soul grazed by the wind’s rushing, Dive into the deepest seas, graced by […]

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An ode to Womanhood

  Since the glorious spectacle began, She had the powers to command the clan. Made out of a lesser extra-ordinary man, Making her the premier member in all the living span.   She’s like the free-flowing air – in a large expanse, With pretty, delicate feet doing a melodious dance. You intrude her world with […]

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There’s something about love..

When I cried at the first light, Serenity was found only with a Mother’s hug tight. When I remained troubled and vexed day and night, A father stood by me as a valiant knight.   When I was in the middle of a solitary tenure, My dog showered me with love unconditional and pure. Of […]

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Dreams V/s. Reality

  I dreamed of flying so high, Seemed I’m almost touching the sky. There appeared a Golden Eagle looking sly, Crushed my wing, next I know, the soil was nigh.   I dreamed of placing a block on a pile, Stacking one by one I reached a long mile. The demon of reality, shook the […]

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Quest for Happiness

I dived into the deepest stormy seas.. And flew across the distant blue skies.. For my quest for happiness will never cease, As quest is life in this world of lies! I scaled the steepest mountains, Crossed all cross-roads that you will ever come by, As the pain in my heart leaves stains, And the […]

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You & Me

From the time I saw your beautiful face, I was longing for your sweet embrace. I wondered if it was destiny or God’s grace.. That I happened to meet you in the life’s ugly race. I have dreamed about you and I.. We grow old and in each others arms we die.. Looking at the […]

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For men are wretched things!

For men are wretched things.. For men are wretched things.. God made another creature with different everything… Each of us lived on earth as an individual king.. But then arrived the inevitable suffering! We lived in perfect peace and harmony.. Every single moment sounded like a sweet symphony. They came in the form of blondes, […]

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