Republic, are we?

  Well, today marks a remarkable day in the history of India. We had finally got our own set of rules, about 66 years back, our own constitution. I think our growth ever since, has been phenomenal. Be it Technology, or Space Research, or the massive advancement of industries, we have always seen an upward climb. […]

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Defining Priceless

Defining ‘Priceless’

The best moments in life come without a ‘price’ tag. Often, special moments are muddled with luxury. Reality being that the best felt moments are often ‘priceless’ : It’s not the laugh you see at a club, it’s the smile of a homeless child which is priceless. The feeling when you see parents’ faces on […]

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It’s A New Year! Should I Have A Resolution?

Well firstly, a very happy new year to all. May this new year be not only prosperous, but also fabulous. I like this time of the year the best. The splendid lights at night, colourful people thronging the streets, and for the most part, the cheer that people carry. I feel the Gregorian Calendar was […]

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