It’s A New Year! Should I Have A Resolution?

Well firstly, a very happy new year to all. May this new year be not only prosperous, but also fabulous.

I like this time of the year the best. The splendid lights at night, colourful people thronging the streets, and for the most part, the cheer that people carry.

I feel the Gregorian Calendar was very intellectually designed. It gives us a sense of discipline. It allows us to look back upon the year that passed. Be it the simplicity of time or the intricacy of life.  It gives you scope to evaluate yourself : the shortcomings, the achievements, the happier moments, the unfortunate realisations, people you lost, people you won.

They say “Time is the essence of life”. Well, I’m afraid I may disagree. I feel it’s “The Mind is the essence of life”. It’s how well you have outlined a plan in your mind for your life.  You could either live 80 years of a lifetime or live 365 days a year, the choice is yours.

I am of the belief that a ‘Resolution’ at the beginning of every year is essential. It helps you keep on track, have you aimed at your goals.

So what should you necessarily resolve to act upon?  Well apart from the usual “Start working-out” / “Quit smoking” / “Quit meat”, etc. I appeal to everyone on behalf of humanity to widen their horizon of view and resolve to act upon things that would bring cheer to others.

So thinking of your resolution this year? Below are a few, I think you can make :

  • On your way to work, you see a dog helplessly stranded in a ditch, make efforts to rescue it. Help Animals!
  •  You see a girl being mistreated or harassed. Or you see any mis-happenings, stop being a spectator and raise your voice!
  •  Earn an extra buck? Help the needy. Feed the poor.
  •  Go clubbing on weekends? Try going to an orphanage and spend the same amount of money for food / toys, at least once a month. It gives you twice the happiness.
  • Well educated? Don’t squander it. Join an NGO, teach kids who can’t afford an education. Promote education.
  • Live with your parents?  Surprise them, not your spouse / partner, for a change.
  • Do not litter. Be it home / street / office.

Well, these are resolutions to make throughout your life. But, better late than never. Also, what better time than New Year’s to incorporate these in your daily lives. Nevertheless, I think getting in better shape, quitting smoking or meat is a great idea anyway!

Lastly, have a great year ahead! Remember to live everyday. It’s something special you do everyday that defines your life.

Party hard, but stay safe. Also, have a great life!

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