Defining ‘Priceless’

The best moments in life come without a ‘price’ tag. Often, special moments are muddled with luxury. Reality being that the best felt moments are often ‘priceless’ :

  • It’s not the laugh you see at a club, it’s the smile of a homeless child which is priceless.
  • The feeling when you see parents’ faces on returning home after your academic course in a far off place. Priceless.
  • When you’re out on date, spending an evening with your loved one. It’s not the place, but the company, the goodbye kiss which is priceless.
  • You come home after a long luxurious business trip, its the feeling of being home, which is priceless.
  • You’re on a road trip with your friends, it’s not the destination, but the feeling of being together, being yourself with your best friends, which is priceless.
  • The feeling when you find a puppy on a street it’s home. Priceless.
  • The love you are showered with, when u give a hungry stray dog a few biscuits. Priceless.

On a certain weekend,  after the usual weekend routine of hanging out with my friends, on the pavement of a bustling street in the centre of Bangalore city, outside a ‘Mc. Donald’s’ outlet,  I came across a homeless kid. His eyes twinkled with innocence, his face gleaming with love. His hunger for food had eclipsed his hunger for love. The complexity of the world had left him homeless, but his spirit was undeterred. It was heartening to watch him eat the burger I bought for him. It was sweet. It was ‘priceless’.

 Weary of the usual routine, on another occasion, a friend of mine and I decided to visit an old age home. It was endearing to see the way people greeted us there. It was as though we belong to them, their blood. It reminded me of times with my grandma. It was heart-warming to see their love for a stranger, it was ‘priceless’.

 There are things amidst us, which we fail to appreciate. Doing petty things, sometimes, could give us great joy. Instead, we are saddened about the brevity of life. Fight over petty issues, and consumed by the ugly race of life. Take an opportunity to shine light into the lives of others, bring a smile on their face. At the first chance, try to help the poor, the homeless, the aged. Create special occasions for others, priceless moments for yourself.

 Make your contribution to making this a better place to live in, help spread a smile. Be generous. Live. Love. Laugh. Let live. Small little ‘priceless’ things, could lead to new beginnings.

 There are some things money can’t buy, and for everything else, there is of course, Master Card!


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