Gonna’ be alright!

  Like a feather sitting aimlessly on a chair, beat down, powerless, in hopeless despair.   Only with the blowing winds it finds a little affair, sets itself right, goes places hand in hand with the air.   Like deep waters help sail a heedless boat, cause turbulence but always keep it afloat. Hard work […]

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Take a moment!

  In this hard-pressed, perpetually toiling race, Be kind, gracious, spread a smile on many a face. Divulge the goodness within, meet the needy with solace, Take a moment, feel the solidarity in a warm embrace.   Spread your arms, feel the soul grazed by the wind’s rushing, Dive into the deepest seas, graced by […]

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An ode to Womanhood

  Since the glorious spectacle began, She had the powers to command the clan. Made out of a lesser extra-ordinary man, Making her the premier member in all the living span.   She’s like the free-flowing air – in a large expanse, With pretty, delicate feet doing a melodious dance. You intrude her world with […]

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There’s something about love..

When I cried at the first light, Serenity was found only with a Mother’s hug tight. When I remained troubled and vexed day and night, A father stood by me as a valiant knight.   When I was in the middle of a solitary tenure, My dog showered me with love unconditional and pure. Of […]

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Dreams V/s. Reality

  I dreamed of flying so high, Seemed I’m almost touching the sky. There appeared a Golden Eagle looking sly, Crushed my wing, next I know, the soil was nigh.   I dreamed of placing a block on a pile, Stacking one by one I reached a long mile. The demon of reality, shook the […]

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Republic, are we?

  Well, today marks a remarkable day in the history of India. We had finally got our own set of rules, about 66 years back, our own constitution. I think our growth ever since, has been phenomenal. Be it Technology, or Space Research, or the massive advancement of industries, we have always seen an upward climb. […]

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Defining Priceless

Defining ‘Priceless’

The best moments in life come without a ‘price’ tag. Often, special moments are muddled with luxury. Reality being that the best felt moments are often ‘priceless’ : It’s not the laugh you see at a club, it’s the smile of a homeless child which is priceless. The feeling when you see parents’ faces on […]

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It’s A New Year! Should I Have A Resolution?

Well firstly, a very happy new year to all. May this new year be not only prosperous, but also fabulous. I like this time of the year the best. The splendid lights at night, colourful people thronging the streets, and for the most part, the cheer that people carry. I feel the Gregorian Calendar was […]

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Quest for Happiness

I dived into the deepest stormy seas.. And flew across the distant blue skies.. For my quest for happiness will never cease, As quest is life in this world of lies! I scaled the steepest mountains, Crossed all cross-roads that you will ever come by, As the pain in my heart leaves stains, And the […]

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You & Me

From the time I saw your beautiful face, I was longing for your sweet embrace. I wondered if it was destiny or God’s grace.. That I happened to meet you in the life’s ugly race. I have dreamed about you and I.. We grow old and in each others arms we die.. Looking at the […]

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